Laser cut details put Rome based 0770 at the top of our wishlist. Structural designs with subversive messages reimagine the o-ring collar, studded leather, and cage-wear.

HIGHLIGHTS- Ethically sourced vegetable tanned leather, all products are made in Italy



Originally a millinery, Apatico takes fetishwear’s common dark clubby themes and puts a clever twist on traditional collars, cuffs, and harnesses, while carrying a remarkable headpiece collection. Pleasant surprises include wood grain patterns, Twins Peaks imagery, and whimsical additions to elevate any look.

HIGHLIGHTS- Fair pricing, huge vegan collection *(v)



This young brand of “genderless bitchwear” delivers flashy accessories to a wide audience, primarily catering to the queer community. You can catch Bitch Fist designer, Jooj, setting up shop with a wide array of graphic, affordable designs (many which are one of a kind) at pop-up shops, nightlife events, and independent design markets.

HIGHLIGHTS- Many customers have forged personal relationships with the designer through her community initiatives and pop-up frequencies. *(v)



Creepy Yeha’s two person studio has skyrocketed from online shop to global sensation, leaving the store frequently closed for orders. It’s well worth the wait, as quality isn’t sacrificed on these unique & flirtatious pieces.

HIGHLIGHTS- WOC owned & operated, both leather & vegan options. *(v)

Moh Dia shot by Martial Lenoir

Moh Dia shot by Martial Lenoir

E.L.F. ZHOU - Leather Artefact

Leather Artefact is a leather enthusiasts dream. With items ranging from bold architectural cuffs to elegant harnesses their utilitarian designs make it one of our favorite wearable brands out there. The company’s latest edition of a vegan shop with lower priced PVC wears and handbags joins the new standard for customer inclusivity.

HIGHLIGHTS- Structural and durable wearable statements *(v)



HIGHLIGHTS- Incredibly intricate and detailed leather harnesses to embolden any body. Also available are affordable, elegant, cuffs, and an amazing pup muzzle.



HIGHLIGHTS- Sleek and durable quality, incredible detailed craftsmanship, a strong modern saddlery design influence


Identity by Renata

Forget o-ring collars, this leather brand focuses on femme power creating bodywear and accessories emboldened with minimal and fierce metal work. The designer is dedicated to environmental sustainability rejecting the use of “exotic skins” and places a priority in upcycled materials down to the packaging.

HIGHLIGHTS- Sustainable materials, empowering selection



HIGHLIGHTS- Aims to sit at the intersection of high & low brow



HIGHLIGHTS- All items are handmade in France crafted with the intention of sustainability and beauty in it’s long term wear.

WildWolf (1).png

Wild Wolf Leatherwork

We love a brand that show a range models that anyone can see themselves in. Wild Wolf is an independent queer company making functional leather goods.

HIGHLIGHTS- A growing young brand, sizing is on an individual basis by sending in measurements



As a young designer, Zana Bayne brought her harnesses and leather bodywear to the NYFW runways, creating an authentic transparency to the way fetishwear translates into high fashion. Since then she’s collaborated with designers across the globe, held a retrospective of her work at the Museum of Sex, and created “Post-Fetish” (a term coined by co-creative director Todd Pendu) installation pieces.

HIGHLIGHTS- Functional and fashionable *(v)


*(v) - vegan options